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I help challenger brands develop their identity and build unique experiences across digital and offline.

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Setting you up for success

Drop the plaid solutions and cookie cutter ideas.
A challenging mindset needs equally exciting solutions.

Brand Design

Looking at challenging the big wigs?

You need a brand that can compete. It is the reason your customer will say yes- every time.
We help build a framework that empowers you to create a consistent brand every single time!


Creating or disrupting a category?

Not just a UI/UX lab. We help you create your product strategy from a sketch on a napkin to MVP and beyond.

Growth Marketing

Ready to scale? 

Growth is a team effort. We work alongside your team and create processes that set them up for success while making sure you don't burn your fingers.

Now geared to challenge the big wigs

Discover my work

Discover my work

Brand Design
Creating organic adoption and advocacy in the design community for a new category.

F3.space - Form, Function and Flair. A global design competition for the new internet. All participants were required to design and develop websites on Radix domain names. These designs would be voted on by the design community and judges and weekly, monthly and annual prizes were given out.

  • The use of radix domains was compulsory and helped the design community get aware about these new products
  • Peer review and voting helped amplify the messaging by contestants sharing their pages across social
  • Channel partners were eager to partner on the program as it was a unique experience offered to a neglected segment

The brand developed for the program had to encapsulate the quality and level of design that was expected and should take into account upcoming design trends and practices to stay ahead of the curve.

Brand design
Program design
Product Strategy
Enhancing team collaboration and efficiency for a in-house boutique agency.

WorkWolf -Every creative teams has its own intricacies and nuances which are difficult to capture. After trying a multitude of team collaboration and productivity tools, the team was still struggling with day to day task management and clean design to dev handover. We Envisioned and created a task management and productivity tool to manage the daily incoming marketing collateral requests.

  • Productivity increased by 37%
  • Tasks managed - 2000+ annually
  • Easily scalable and customisable

WorkWolf was designed from ground up keeping in mind scalability and customisability. The product can easily be set up for any creative team and can integrate into their current systems like dropbox, google drive, slack, flock, etc.

Product management

Get to know me

Hey I'm Lenold.

Over the last 10 years, I have helped challenger brands and established ones reach new audiences, grow their business and design kick ass experiences.

From overhauling the brand messaging for India’s most popular accounting software to helping build the marketing machinery for the worlds leading new domain registry from ground up; I have helped organisations connect with their customers through data driven insight generation and impactful creative messaging.

I've been lucky enough to lead a large team of extremely talented designers, developers and marketers across geographies and organisations to solve some really exciting problems thus developing a unique skill set along the way that covers the marketing process from insight generation, brand strategy to final creative delivery and analysis.

I currently advise challenger brands on creating impactful brands, designing effortless product experiences, reaching new audiences across geographies and setting up business processes that help them grow in todays competitive market.

Have an idea or a problem you are looking at solving or just want some quick advice? Reach out and let's chat.

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